Slide show: Sleep No More

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Making a bid for most mind-blowing theatrical event to hit New York in years is Sleep No More, the site-specific, one-on-one theatrical immersion now playing in a vast, converted warehouse space on West 27th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Helen Shaw reviewed Sleep No More when it came to Boston (via London) in 2009, and we can't wait to see it next month. We had an advance tour of the space, which comprises about 100 rooms and areas—each of which functions as part of a cryptic mystery inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth. Not that a single word from the classic tragedy is uttered; audience members put on a mask and wander (more or less) freely around the space. It's as if someone went deep into the text of Macbeth and set off a bomb, and Sleep No More is all the imagery and subtext from the Scottish play strewn across thousands of square feet.