Supporting characters

The Wooster Group has relied on a revolving mix of actors, artists and even academics

Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi

Photo: Evan Agostinit/Getty Images

Steve Buscemi:

Before he was Mr. Pink, Buscemi performed in L.S.D. (...Just the High Points...) and Brace Up! He returned to the Garage stage in 1999, starring in North Atlantic.

Roy Faudree:

A veteran of numerous Wooster productions, Faudree has created and directed several pieces for the Young at Heart company, a troupe consisting of performers in their seventies, eighties and nineties.

Joan Jonas:

Jonas toured with the Wooster Group in Brace Up!—an unusual respite from her work as a seminal video artist and her MIT professorship in new media.

John Lurie
John Lurie

Photo: Steve Eichiner/WireImage

John Lurie:

The Lounge Lizards frontman (and actor in Jim Jarmusch's Stranger than Paradise and Down by Law) composed the music for The Hairy Ape and House/Lights.

Frances McDormand
Frances McDormand

Photo: Frank Tripper/Corbis

Frances McDormand:

During a break from the big screen, Fargo's Sheriff Marge Gunderson brushed up on her badminton skills for Wooster's To You, the Birdie!

Suzzy Roche:

In addition to recording 11 albums with her singing sister act, the Roches, Suzzy Roche has played both a goddess (Venus in To You, the Birdie!) and a devil (Mephistopheles in House/Lights) for the group.

Paul Schmidt:

The late Schmidt, a professor of Russian literature at Wellesley College and the University of Texas, translated Chekhov and Racine for the group. He also appeared on stage—well, on a television monitor—during Brace Up!

Marianne Weems:

After serving as dramaturg and assistant director of the company for six years, Weems founded the Builders Association, an Obie-winning group that explores the interaction between humans and technology. —Alexis Soloski