The $ellout Festival: Greed

The Brick (see Off-Off Broadway). Written and directed by Robert Honeywell. With ensemble cast.

Time Out Ratings :

<strong>Rating: </strong>0/5

New York is enough of a mental assault without visions of James Joyce and Anna Nicole Smith dancing in your head. Moira Stone belts her way beautifully through a day in the life of Manhattan social climber Lindy Bloom in Robert Honeywell’s morality musical Greed. Bloom caroms between envy of the buxom gold-digging Smith (Gyda Arber) and guilt for ignoring the Irish writers’ pleas for poetry in her cold life (Yeats is on hand, too). Honeywell exploits a droll, unique concept, but the current production is too rudimentary to fully enjoy. Clever tunes are undercut by the painful pacing of intervening scenes. With a bit more time and, yes, money, Greed could see green at the box office.—Kerri Allen