10 reasons you should be watching Orange Is The New Black

Season 2 of the NY-based Netflix prison smash just hit this morning. This will convince you to get caught up.

Photograph: K.C. Bailey for Netflix

1. Taryn Manning’s Pennsatucky—one of the most brilliantly insane characters on TV right now.

2. The anecdotes. Apparently stories told in prison are AMAZING.

3. Natasha Lyonne’s voice. She could read the phone book and still make it sound interesting.

4. Big Boo. Just everything about Big Boo.

5. Crazy Eyes’ poetry. So moving.

6. The surprisingly sexy sex scenes (come on, we were all thinking it).

7. The amazing dance moves. We’re betting we’ll be seeing more of them this season.

8. Porn Stash. We love hating him so much.

9. The things Red can do with a chicken.

10. Was there any doubt as to the final and best reason? CHOCOLATE AND VAN-IIIILLA SWIIRRRRRLLLLL!