16 reasons New Yorkers love Law & Order: SVU

Last night’s episode of SVU practically broke Twitter. Just what is it about the crime procedural that makes us go bonkers?

Photograph: Virginia Sherwood

As New Yorkers, many of us like to think of ourselves as arbiters of cool. We want to know what restaurants we should be going to, where the best new bands are playing, what art is coming to town that we absolutely cannot miss. And yet, some of us have a dirty little secret: We are—as last night’s Twitter-busting episode proves—obsessed with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. And not in an ironic way. Not in a “sometimes when I come home drunk, I inadvertently watch Real Housewives even though it’s terrible” kind of way. No, fans of the show like it for serious—and we are not ashamed. Here’s why:

1. Because like your most comfortable sweatshirt or oldest friend, it is always—and we mean always—there when you need it.

2. Because we feel cool when we immediately recognize the street where Benson and the gang are surveying a dead body.

3. Because SVU does not judge us when we order Seamless three times in one day and spend ten hours watching it. (Hear that, friends? IT DOES NOT JUDGE US.)

4. Because Mariska Hargitay has been a Time Out New York cover star.

5. Because sometimes our favorite, sweetest celebrities—Fred Savage, Scott Foley, the Fonz—guest-star and do some very, very bad things.

6. Because we still think Stabler will come back so he and Benson can finally do it.

7. Because you can concoct some damn good drinking games while watching. (Drink every time Stabler broods. Drink every time you realize before everyone else that the person you think is the good guy is actually the bad guy. Drink every time Amanda screws up.)

8. Because of "chung chung."

9. Because if we had to say goodbye to Dennis Duffy, at least we still have Brian Cassidy.

10. Because every time we see someone playing their heart out as a corpse, we know that person is a wide-eyed actor who moved to New York to get their big break and is finally making it! Yes!

11. Because of this guy

12. Because some of our favorite NYC places and things (Sleep No More, water-tower parties) get ripped from the headlines.

13. Because Ice T is often the smartest guy in the room.

14. Because we hold out hope that one day, we'll inadvertently stumble onto the set and end up as an extra.

15. Because somehow Pornstache is even creepier here.

16. Because sometimes we actually have no idea why we love it so much. But we do. Now leave us alone so we can get back to our marathon.

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