3 questions for...Ed Koch

Discreet ex-mayor

Photo: Mychal Watts/WireImage.com

1. You’re on a panel to discuss the 30th anniversary of the Son of Sam, but wouldn’t you rather talk current events? Which do you care more about, the Lohan debacle or the Spitzer debacle?

I care more about and I’m more interested in the Spitzer debacle.

2. How’m I doing?

You personally? Since I’ve never met you it would be difficult to respond, but people say that to me all the time and my general response is, “You’re doing terrific, how bout me?”

3. Awesome! Are you gay?

When was the last time you performed oral sex on your boyfriend?

Well I’m single now so it was a long time ago.

See, I don’t think you should answer that question. It’s an improper question, and so is yours. My sexual orientation is none of your business and whether or not you performed oral sex on your boyfriend is none of my business.

“A City Looks Back: The 30th Anniversary of the Son of Sam” takes place Aug 6, 9–11am at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, room 630.