3 questions for...Lynda Carter

Superhero, cabaret star

1 You were Wonder Woman and Miss World, and now you’re making your New York nightclub debut. What don’t you do?
[Laughs] Well, one thing I haven’t done is a comedy, and I would really like to do one. I think I’m really funny. Hmm…that was a joke. Why aren’t you laughing?

2 In high school, you were called “ugly duckling” and “Olive Oyl.” What was that like?
It was very painful. They called me Olive Oyl because I was so tall and had huge feet. But that’s okay—you can’t let it get you down. No one is perfect and people’s lives are never what they seem to be. Just persevere.

3 Your mom was Spanish and Mexican. Your dad was Irish and English. Do you identify as Latina, or are you more like Jessica Alba, who has allegedly distanced herself from her Latin roots?
Latina, absolutely! I spent so much time with my grandmother, making tortillas and listening to music and being with the family. Poor Jessica: She is so young, and when you are young you can say very stupid things. Give her a break. Most young people want an identity of their own, and not one tied to their parents. It’s easy for us to sit in judgment.

Carter performs at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency through Sat 3. For ticket info, call 212-339-4095 or visit feinsteinsattheregency.com.

—Judie Hurtado