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Noodles and views

Butala Emporium

Butala Emporium

➜ John, the concierge at Hotel Giraffe (365 Park Ave South at 26th St, 212-685-7700), unsurprisingly recommends the inn’s own rooftop bar, Barna. Though it’s decked out with cheerful furniture and large potted plants, it’s overshadowed by the adjacent building. A cleaning lady at Giraffe admits to preferring Tonic East (411 Third Ave at 29th St, 212-683-7090). While it may look like it belongs in Times Square (where its sibling bar is), the aerie provides a breeze and a decent view of the Empire State Building.

➜ Smoking a cigarette outside Tonic East, Craig, who lives on 23rd Street, says he loves Thai NY (394 Third Ave at 28th St, 212-696-2888). “They have the best vegetarian duck,” he says. The sleek, jewel-toned restaurant offers a wide selection of authentic noodle, curry and stir-fry dishes containing both faux and real flesh.

➜ Raika, in midtwirl of her pad thai, credits her colorful bangles to Eastern import store Butala Emporium (108 E 28th St at Park Ave South, 212-684-4447), which sells about two dozen bracelets for $16, as well as bindis, pendants, yoga books, cookbooks, furniture and Indian art.

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