A Bushwick gallery will display dick pics in a new exhibit

The exhibit "Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix" includes photos sent to its curators unsolicited—as well as photos they obtained without consent.

We can't seem to escape chatter about dick pics this year: Anthony Weiner all but made the term a part of NYC's cultural lexicon, and now, a Bushwick gallery is mounting "Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix," an exhibit devoted to shots of genitals. The artists behind the show spoke to Vice about why they wanted to stage the project—for them, it's a way of turning the tables on guys who've essentially flashed them, albeit digitally.

But here's where things get tricky; though some of the shots being used in the exhibit were sent to the artists, completely unsolicited, others were retrieved through more deceitful means. From the Vice article: 

"Most of the women have gone the straightforward route in collecting dick pics, using versions of their real OkCupid profiles and brief conversations—sometimes just going right for the jugular and straight-up asking for a dick pic, avoiding flirtation and conversation at all costs. One of the artists, however, went a step further by posing as a gay man on Grindr and wound up with 150 photos, which didn’t surprise any of the sex scientists or researchers I spoke to."

That's thorny territory, both legally (online impersonation is a misdemeanor crime in New York) and ethically. Sending someone an unsolicited dick pic is pretty shitty behavior—we have no love lost for dudes who do that. But to explicitly ask for said photos and then display them in an incredibly public setting without the sender's consent isn't exactly righting the problem.

For their part, the artists said they've gotten support from their male friends—and while they don't anticipate the guys they've received photos from showing up at the gallery, one—who's referred to as Tansy—said "I would imagine if anyone who has sent me a dick shows up…that would be interesting.” Indeed.

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