A helicopter’s-eye view of Manhattan (video)

Ever wondered what the city looks like from the POV of an aerial photographer? We hopped a chopper to find out.

Aerial photographs of NYC by Jason Hawkes

Aerial photographs of NYC by Jason Hawkes Photograph: © Jason Hawkes

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of going up in a helicopter over Manhattan with aerial photographer Jason Hawkes (jasonhawkes.com). While he snapped photos with his very fancy camera out the wide-open door, I sat in the passenger seat and took considerably less-fancy video on my iPhone. Still I got footage of the island at the sunset, complete with swoops past the Empire State Building and Central Park, plus a glimpse of Hawkes in action. That thing he’s holding his camera on is called a gyrostabilizer, which contains two spinning discs that rotate in opposite directions to ensure nonshaky shots. “When you hold it, it almost feels like it’s alive,” he told me.

Click here to read more about what it’s like to hover 1,000 feet over the city, and to check out some of the incredible photos Hawkes captured on our trip.

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