A judge has denied the injunction to save 5 Pointz

After a long struggle and endless speculation, it seems likely that the Long Island City graffiti mecca will be torn down to make room for luxury high-rises

Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

Terrible news: A federal judge has denied an injunction to stop 5 Pointz's demolition. Rumors that the Long Island City graffiti hub would soon meet the wrecking ball have been swirling for a while, and in early October the arts center sued the developers who want to build high-rise condos in its place, claiming that their works were protected under the Visual Artists Rights Act.

That lawsuit led to two temporary restraining orders in the last month, ensuring demolition couldn't begin (it also prevented graffiti artists from painting there)—but yesterday the order was lifted by Judge Frederic Block. The last resort for the artists' valiantly fighting to keep 5 Pointz is to appeal to the Second Circuit, but G&M Realty is now free to tear down the building once its tenants (including curator Jonathan Cohen) move out.

If you're interested in getting involved in saving the iconic art space, head over to a rally at 5 Pointz on Saturday, November 16, at 3pm.

Judge Frederic Block

Judge Frederic BlockNow that Judge Frederic Block has denied the injunction and effectively lifted the restraining order, the artists' last resort would be to appeal the decision to the Second Circuit.

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Second Circuit. G&M Realty could start making room for luxury apartments any day now.If you're interested in getting involved in a peaceful rally, head over to 5 Pointz on Saturday, November 16, at 3pm.

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