A new app lets you rent out your bathroom, and it’s called AirPnP

In a bind with no place to go, or need to make some cash? The Airbnb of toilets lets you rent out your throne

It seems there's money to be made in providing New Yorkers with a place to pee. Last month came the news that members-only bathrooms are coming to NYC; now, a new app dubbed AirPnP (yes, really) is getting into the market. The service lets people rent out their bathroom to strangers, much like the apartment-sharing site whose name it riffs on—except in this case, users pay for a place to pee rather than a place to crash.

The golden idea actually debuted in New Orleans, jokingly dreamed up as a solution to drunken Mardi Gras revelers resorting to public urination. But cofounder Max Gaudin realized AirPnP's potential and turned it into a real thing: Those in need can hire out a nearby bathroom using GPS, and tenants can cash in on a desperate situation by adding their facilities to the queue and determining a fee to use them. Guests can pay cash or via the app, and—also like Airbnb—rate the quality of their experience, using such paramaters as cleanliness, quality of toilet paper, etc. Welcome to the sharing economy.

(h/t Brokelyn)

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