A two-year-old bear named Bouba now lives at the Queens Zoo

For your daily dose of cuteness, check out the newest furry friend—an Andean bear—who's taken up residence at the Queens Zoo

Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher

Dear readers, meet the newest arrival to the Queens Zoo: Bouba. The two-year-old Andean bear came to NYC from a zoo in France and will share his new home with a lady of the same species named Spangles (awww!). Fun fact: Notice the white marks around his eyes that give him a wizened, intellectual appearance? They are the reason he is known as the "spectacled bear."

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bouba's species (Tremarctos ornatus) is the only bear species endemic to South America, and populations of the mammal in the wild are in decline.

November's been a good month for adorable new creatures: Check out photos of the new-to-NYC baby snow leopards and red-panda cubs.

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