Adopt the subway kittens, a.k.a. Arthur and August

The adorable kittens who caused a subway shutdown will be put up for adoption by Animal Care & Control.

The infamous subway kittens.

The infamous subway kittens. Photograph: Marc A. Hermann/NYC Transit

Good news, at least for the cat ladies and gents of the city (count this writer in that group): The two kittens who got loose on subway tracks in Brooklyn yesterday have officially been rescued. According to the New York Daily News, MTA workers and NYPD transit officers worked together to snatch the adorable pair from the tracks near the Church Avenue B/Q station last night.

The fluffballs, who were christened Arthur and August, were taken to the Brooklyn Animal Care & Control Center on Linden Avenue. After they've been evaluated, the shelter will hold them for three days to see if any potential owners come forward, and then they'll be put up for adoption. So if you know anyone looking for a pair of very cute—and very famous—kittens, well, there's that.

(h/t Daily Intel)

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