Adopt the subway kittens, August and Arthur—for real this time

August and Arthur, who adorably made the news a couple of months ago, are finally ready for a forever home.

The infamous subway kittens.

The infamous subway kittens. Photograph: Marc A. Hermann/NYC Transit

Remember the subway kittens? Of course you do! The tiny furballs memorably caused a transit delay by scampering on subway tracks in Brooklyn, and subsequently inspired a talking point for the mayoral primaries and appeared on The Colbert Report. Since then, they've been living it up with a couple other kitties in a Bushwick foster home.

And now the kittens, who were christened August and Arthur, are ready to be adopted. The New York Post reported today that the now–ten-week-old kitties have been socialized and treated for any medical issues, and are good to go to a forever home, provided that the pair is adopted together. (We're assuming that when you go through an ordeal like that together—along with highs and lows of being a minor cat celebrity—it bonds you for life. Also, kittens are typically adopted in pairs, but we like our theory better.)

If you're interested in bringing August and Arthur into your home—and who wouldn't be?—you can e-mail New York City Animal Care & Control at And if you need some convincing, check out the video below, which was taken by their foster dad, Steven Liu. It is, unsurprisingly, extremely cute.

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