Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill is becoming a Broadway musical

Yes, really: The singer-songwriter will partner with Broadway vets to bring the angst-filled album to the Great White Way

Photograph: Williams and Hirakawa

Today in unexpected theater news: Alanis Morissette announced this morning that she's bringing her 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill, to Broadway. Theater vet Tom Kitt—whose credits include Bring It On: The Musical and American Idiot—will collaborate with the singer on music, and the whole thing will begin workshops in 2014.

We're of two minds here: On the one hand, did the world really need a musical version of Jagged Little Pill? We're assuming the plot will revolve around an angtsy young woman—but what will that story look like? Will it be a period piece? Will there be a lot of flannel? (We hope so.)

On the other hand, we are also the target audience for this since Jagged Little Pill provided the soundtrack of our adolescence (and also, an introduction to the term go down on you, which…let's just say it was informative). So, okay, yeah, we're kind of excited.

If you need a reminder that Jagged Little Pill is actually a kind of fantastic album—we did!—reacquaint yourself with a couple of its singles below.

(h/t Rolling Stone)

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