Amy Sedaris

First lady of comedy

Who are your favorite New Yorkers?
Amy Sedaris: The ones who were born and raised here. They went to school here, they always talk of going on dates at Film Forum. They always seem to be the coolest. Also the ones who walk fast.

What about specific people?
Amy Sedaris: Fran Lebowitz. She always makes me laugh. Woody Allen. David Letterman—I guess he’s a New Yorker, right?

What’s the biggest thing that’s happened to the city in the past 13 years?
Amy Sedaris: The great loss of mom-and-pop stores, the disappearance of neighborhoods. I wish there wasn’t so much construction going on all the time and that there would be more of a chance to have neighborhoods stick around. And what’s with the TV in taxicabs?

What’s your favorite place or thing in New York?
Amy Sedaris: Walking down 10th, 11th and 12th Streets at night. I also like going to the parks.

What’s your personal favorite moment in New York? Where were you, and what was happening?
Amy Sedaris: Serving jury duty in NYC. I got on a case. It changed me.

What’s the future of New York? What are your hopes, and what needs to happen?
Amy Sedaris: The future and fear is that it is turning into everywhere else and street names will eventually be replaced with corporations’ names: Meet me on the corner of Johnson & Johnson, west of Procter & Gamble, take the Costco 1 train, switch at Bell South. I’ll be in front of Mega Wal-Mart next to the Pfizer museum. Bullies always win.

If you could have a drink with anyone else on this Top 40 list, who would it be?
Amy Sedaris: [Later answers by e-mail] Everyone with the exception of two.

What does Time Out mean to you?
Amy Sedaris: You just need to stop in the middle of the race.

Complete the sentence: New York is…
Amy Sedaris: …too small for street fairs.

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