Where: Queens Archery, 170–20 39th Ave between 170th and 171st Sts, Flushing, Queens (718-461-1756,
When: Tue 5–7pm; Wed, Thu 5–11pm; Fri 6–11pm; Sat, Sun 10am–5pm.
We heard it’s impossible to win an archery tournament if you don’t know what you’re doing. Lies! “We have a handicapped tournament every Sunday morning,” says co-owner Al Lizzio. Said tourney is open to anyone with their own equipment.
I don’t have to be a pro to participate? “Absolutely not,” Lizzio assures us. “This is one of those sports that anybody can do. We have five-year-olds and 80-year-olds shooting in here.” Open shooting costs $10 per person per hour; tack on equipment rental and it’s $17 per person per hour. Plus, you get a free lesson with your first rental.
Will I become an arrow-firing badass assassin like that elf guy from Lord of the Rings? “Well, that’s just a movie, like Robin Hood, where he splits the arrow,” sighs Lizzio. “But the possibility is there. It’s just that it might not be as easy as it appears. This is a sport of perfection.”