Are vagina-shaped fireworks coming to New York next week?

Judy Chicago is creating a pyrotechnics show based on The Dinner Party, her much-talked-about installation featuring plates adorned with lady parts

Judy Chicago, Emily Dickinson Plate from The Dinner Party, 1979

Judy Chicago, Emily Dickinson Plate from The Dinner Party, 1979

A feminist artist is bringing elaborate fireworks to Prospect Park next week—and she may be sending pyrotechnic vaginas into the sky. The auteur in question is Judy Chicago, who is most known for The Dinner Party, a triangle-shaped banquet table set with plates featuring motifs of butterflies and lady parts; the mixed-media piece commemorates important women in history, from Hypatia to Georgia O'Keeffe. (If you're having trouble imagining that, go see it in person—the installation is housed at the Brooklyn Museum.) You can see the plate representing Emily Dickinson above.

Now, Chicago is set to bring a fireworks show based on that oeuvre to Brooklyn on Saturday, April 26 at 7:30pm. "The butterfly imagery is very basic to The Dinner Party, so I kind of like that idea of that form getting out of the museum, escaping the confines of the plates and liberating itself into the air,” Chicago told DNAinfo. The 20-minute spectacle will feature several hundred fireworks, 1,200 road flares and 1,600 feet of LED lights over an acre of Prospect Park’s Long Meadow. And, either butterflies, vaginas or (if we're lucky) both sparkling over Kings County.

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