Are you a revolutionary?

Look down. What’s your T-shirt say?
a power to the people. I got it at Urban Outfitters.
b resist! rebel! dissent! It’s made of organic cotton and screenprinted by a radical art collective.
c Shirts are for lemmings.

There’s a rally in Union Square. What’s the beef?
a How should I know? I’m trying to get to Shoe Mania.
b It has something to do with the privatization of park spaces. I’m gonna grab a pamphlet to learn more.
c Where to start?!? Those conniving, bureaucratic sons of bitches are tryin’…

What’s your pet cause?
a A Chihuahua named Miss Sparkles!
b Getting Bush out of office.
c I have thousands. Go to my blog,, to read my hourly rants.

If you scored…
…mostly As: You give America a bad name with your mass-market protest tees and your ridiculous little dog. Worse than Bon Jovi ever could.
…mostly Bs: You’re on the Bono track: lookin’ good, walkin’ hard, talkin’ smart. Ride that donkey into office and you’ll make your countrymen proud.
…mostly Cs: Take it down a notch, Jello. There’s more to rebellion than inspiring revulsion, and your Unabomber-fringey antics do more to repel than persuade.