Are you ready for Time Out New York’s annual sex issue?

This week: A cover made of naked New Yorkers, plus ice cream, burgers and Bay Ridge. Could it get any sexier?

Pop culture tends to depict New Yorkers’ sex lives as full of glamor and intrigue, all witty quips exchanged between passionate trysts at upscale parties. Any New Yorker could tell you that this is nonsense, but we wanted to delve into the real story about how we're actually getting down. That means investigating the awkward moments, the types of sex people are actually having (Do you know someone in a throuple? We do!) and the places to go when you’re desperately looking for action. In short, we’re bringing you the cold, hard, naked truth about sex in the city, with help from a bunch of (almost) naked New Yorkers, who volunteered to bare some skin for the sake of an honest conversation about sex. (And don’t forget to take our quiz, “What kind of New York lover are you?”)

Elsewhere in the issue, there’s a look at the twentysomethings flocking to Bay Ridge (yes, it’s happening), and a much-awaited roundup of the very best ice cream shops around the city. You’ll also find an index of the best Beyoncé/Jay Z duets, a guide to summer flea market etiquette, and a Q&A with David Hallberg, the first American dancer to permanently join the Bolshoi Ballet. Oh, and of course, info about how to vote in this year’s Battle of the Burger contest.

Go out and get busy!

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