Are you watching F to 7th? You really should be

Check out the most recent episode of the Brooklyn-set Web series, created by Ingrid Jungermann.

F to 7th

F to 7th

Full disclosure: I live and spend the majority of my time in Park Slope, so it's entirely possible that I love F to 7th as much as I do because I recognize not just the locations, but also the attitudes of its characters. (The first episode, with two neurotic dog owners bitching about each other's pets? Kind of brilliant/accurate.)

But if you haven't seen the Kickstarter-funded Web series yet, you really should take a half hour and watch the first five episodes; it follows Ingrid (creator Ingrid Jungermann) and the trials and tribulations of being a middle-aged lesbian in Park Slope—"somewhere between FTM and PSP," per the show's description. It's funny precisely because the scenarios are so spot-on—and a handful of great guest stars, like Amy Sedaris and Michael Showalter, doesn't hurt.

Check out the most recent episode below; it stars Gaby Hoffmann as a Park Slope mom, and it was filmed at this blogger's favorite Brooklyn bar, Commonwealth.