Attention, transit nerds: The MTA's subway ridership numbers are out now

Check out the data on subway usage for 2012, including the most and least used stations and total number of straphangers.

April is going to be a good month for the subway, everyone—we can just feel it. The old South Ferry 1 station reopened early this month (the newer, fancy South Ferry station was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy and is shut down indefinitely); and the Smith–9th Sts station in Brooklyn is scheduled to reopen at the end of the month, after years of delays. (Fingers crossed for that one!)

In the midst of this, the MTA released its ridership numbers for 2012, and much of the data included was not that surprising: There were more subway rides last years than ever before—close to 1.7 billion total for the year!—and the most popular stations throughout the system are in Manhattan. (42nd St–Times Sq came in at No. 1; 14th St–Union Sq, 34th St–Herald Sq and 42nd St–Grand Central are all in the top five.)

As for the least-used subway stations, the very bottom of the list belongs to the Broad Channel station in Queens—we're guessing Hurricane Sandy surely played a role in that. Not surprisingly, several stations along the G—the poor, maligned Brooklyn–Queens line, which was knocked out for a few weeks following Sandy—showed low ridership numbers, including 21st St in Queens (ranked at 405) and Flushing Ave in Brooklyn (395).

If you'd like to peruse further (and who doesn't love spending a morning reading through transit data?), the information is all available via the MTA's website.