Avoid the NYU crowd in the East Village

Here's where the college kids go, so you don't have to.

Matt Sanders, rising senior at NYU and president of the Zeta Psi frat, gives us a rundown on the coed stomping grounds.

Do you always go out with your frat?
I’d say 99 percent of my socializing goes on with my fraternity brothers. We look out for each other and have a good time. We have Greek housing on Lafayette between White and Franklin—that’s a great place to hang out.

Out in the real world, where do you party?
Really, anywhere along Second Avenue between 8th Street and Houston. If you, like, walk along Second, you can’t stumble without falling into a place to drink.

And which places do you tend to fall into?
Let’s see. There’s Village Pourhouse (64 Third Ave at 11th St; 212-979-2337, pourhousenyc.com), Blue & Gold Tavern (79 E 7th St between First and Second Aves, no phone), Phebe’s Tavern & Grill (361 Bowery between 3rd and 4th Sts; 347-482-1426, phebesnyc.com), McSorley’s (15 E 7th St between Second and Third Aves; 212-473-9148, mcsorleysnewyork.com), and Arrow (85 Ave A between 5th and 6th Sts; 212-673-1775, arrownyc.com). Oh, also Bull McCabe’s (29 St. Marks Pl between Second and Third Aves; 212-982-9895, ryansnyc.com). There are always NYU students at those places. We’ll, like, get together on campus and then decide where to go based on where other people are going. It’s always a group.

What about drunk food?
The biggest place to go after a long night out is the halal food vendor on Broadway and West 4th Street. That guy is usually open till 2 or 3am. Also, there’s Pommes Frites on Second Avenue (123 Second Ave between St. Marks Pl and 7th St; 212-674-1234, pommesfrites.ws). They have huge fries and, like, 30 different sauces.

And long-ass lines of students! Do you ever get the sense that the locals are pissed when a bunch of NYU kids show up? There’s a place on campus, Josie Wood’s (11 Waverly Pl at Mercer St; 212-228-9909, josiewoods.com), we go to where there are a lot of locals that look at us strangely. It feels like we’re barging in sometimes. But if it’s a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, there’s none of that—the locals aren’t really there.

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