Awesome new subway apps for your smartphone

These three programs go way beyond getting you from point A to point B.

While most of us left all-nighters behind after college, techies still pull these marathon sleepless stints on a semiregular basis as part of hackathons. Over the weekend, the MTA cosponsored one of these coding fests with the goal of improving New Yorkers' commutes. Most previous efforts have resulted in logistical victories—applications that tell us where to stand, how to navigate or which service changes are scheduled—but this round brought three innovative Best Overall App winners that speak to less run-of-the-mill situations.

The grand prize went to SubCulture.FM, which will let you pinpoint your favorite subway performers and buy their singles using QR codes. Second place was awarded to citizen-policing app MTA Sheriff, which keeps tabs on subway-station problems, such as broken turnstiles or ticketing machines. Accessway earned the third spot with its disabilty-focused service, giving visually impaired and wheelchair-assisted commuters the tools to navigate the underground system.

If you could create your dream NYC-centric phone app, what would it do? Share your ideas in the comments or via Twitter (@timeoutnewyork).