Beaches and blizzards: Watch a video comparing L.A. and NYC weather

This video, created by a New York filmmaker, compares East Coast and West Coast weather—and will make you want to leave and never come back

Photograph: Virginia Rollinson

Surviving a New York winter is not an easy feat, especially this year, when more than one polar vortex has swallowed our city and spit it back out covered in black ice. If you’ve made it this far without overdrafting your account on a plane ticket to St. Barth, pat yourself on the back.

One of the best ways to get through the winter is to avoid looking at photos of warm places. Once you’ve forgotten that you even own a tank top in the first place, life just sort of moves on…right? Well, not really. New York–based photographer Colby Moore created a montage of clips, aptly titled "A Tale of Two Coasts," comparing our deep freeze with L.A.'s eternal summer.

Footage of tropical birds and joggers in short shorts paired with subways stuffed with bundled-up passengers is just kind of cruel. Moore said it "serves as a good portrait of a time of year when the meteorological conditions of these two massive metropolitan areas stand at complete, polar-opposite ends of the spectrum." Yeah, you could say that again—though temperatures began to rise this past weekend and New Yorkers ventured from their apartments into balmy 45-degree weather, meteorologists are predicting that a third polar vortex will hit this week, with temperatures expected to drop below freezing by Wednesday. Talk about putting salt on the wound. Just remember: Summer is coming.

(h/t Gothamist)

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