Behold the ShareRoller, a portable motor for Citi Bikes

The invention, which is seeking funding via Kickstarter, is an electric motor that you can attach to your Citi Bike for more speed and less pedaling


ShareRoller Photograph via Kickstarter

One Kickstarter wants to help accelerate your Citi Bike (and eliminate all the pesky benefits of exercise). ShareRoller, a creation by New Yorker Jeff Guida, is essentially a portable electric motor; hook it on to your rented blue bike and you can zoom off at speeds of around 18 miles per hour. The battery-driven mechanism weighs about seven pounds, and according to Gizmodo, who gave it a test ride, it sure does give those heavy Citi Bikes a boost. (It also works on kick scooters and nonshare bikes.)

Sounds cool, but…electronic bikes are actually illegal in New York City, and you could just buy yourself an actual scooter for the ShareRoller price of $1,195. Guida is sourcing funds via Kickstarter to make his creation come to life, and he already has over a fifth of the $100,000 he needs. We anticipate success for his fund-raiser, and catastrophes when the turbo kits are unleashed.

(h/t Gothamist)

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