Best place to relax in Harlem

West Harlem Piers Park
Once a supermarket parking lot, this newly opened two-acre expanse serves as an idyllic waterfront spot. Here's how to make the most of your time there. Do this: Pick up provisions at Fairway (2328 Twelfth Ave at 130th St; 212-234-3883, across the street, then picnic on a patch of grass. Burn your meal off by blading, biking or strolling down the promenade. There's also a pier for catch-and-release fishing and another that serves as a kayak launch.

See this: Local artist Nari Ward created three fishing-inspired sculptures that resemble giant rods and eyelet guides, plus a series of street-sign installations featuring text drawn from surveys of community members' memories of the area. Other eye candy includes postcard views of the George Washington Bridge, New Jersey and, of course, the sunset. Hudson River between 125th and 132nd Sts