Best salons and services in Williamsburg

Woodley & Bunny

Woodley & Bunny

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Our favorite place for a cut, Woodley & Bunny (490 Driggs Ave between North 9th and 10th Sts; 718-218-6588, gets you a hot style, plus coffee and, in a few weeks, wine or beer to keep you comfortable during the service. Don't worry, they won't let you get so drunk that you let them cut all your hair off. Unless, of course, that's what you want.

After trading in old clothes for cash at Beacon's Closet (88 North 11th St between Berry St and Wythe Ave; 718-486-0816,, you won't mind dropping some dough on the artsy fashions at Jumelle (148 Bedford Ave between North 8th and 9th Sts; 718-388-9525,

Keep your feet looking and feeling fine in boots by Rachel Comey and oxfords from Jeffrey Campbell at Shoe Market (160 North 6th St at Bedford Ave; 718-388-8495,

Hands and neck:
Accessorize with baubles by local designers, like Astali's spent-bullet-casing and snake-vertebrae bracelets, at Artists & Fleas (129 North 6th St between Bedford Ave and Berry St; 917-541-5760,; weekends only).