Bestie, Coney Island and c-word spinoffs added to Oxford English Dictionary

The reference guide added almost 1,000 new entries to its massive collection, including naughty words and NYC nouns

Coney Island

Coney Island Photograph: Jolie Ruben

Did you know that the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) updates its tremendous collection every month? The reference book added over 900 new words, phrases and senses in March alone—and the nerds in us are quite tickled by some of them. Plenty of phrases considered slang can now welcome official recognition, including bestie, wackadoodle and crap shoot. Plus, Coney Island just got added, which seems quite late to the game, from our perspective (Coney dog also made the cut). And you can now officially look up a whole selection of c-word variations (cunnilingue, cunted, cunting, cuntish, cunty).

Other notable additions include bookaholic, honest-like, scissoring, and shvitz as both a noun and a verb. Head over to OED's website to see the full list.

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