Bill Burr

An interview with the comedian, who's coming to town this November.

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You’ve done TV, CDs, radio and satellite radio, and now you’re prepping for your next television special—how do you keep improving your set?
You keep giving a shit less—in a good way. Throughout my career, I’ve cared less and less how something I might say would be received by the audience. When you start out, for me, anyway, I wanted the audience to love me. I didn’t want to get heckled. I didn’t want to deal with any sort of aggression when I was up there. But the more I did it, the more I’ve gotten to the point now where if I actually start thinking that I’m telling jokes, I instantly stop being funny. It’s more, This is what I want to say right here, and that seems to work.

Well, you infamously told off a Philly crowd a few years back, and you have a reputation for handling hecklers, almost welcoming them.
I don’t ever want to go up in front of a bunch of assholes. But if I say something and somebody seriously doesn’t agree with it and they want to spout off their point of view, I really enjoy that. I enjoy that and then having the back-and-forth with them. I pretty much openly admit that I’m operating with very little of the information I need to have such strong opinions on things.

You just filmed a part in Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Is film acting your next big challenge?
I like finding stuff that I suck at, and trying to get better. So I’m taking classes, getting myself comfortable in an acting scene. You’ve got to work out those ticks. For instance, standing up used to be really hard for me. I act much better if I’m sitting down.

So you’ll always have a part as Man in Chair. Yeah, if you give me a role as an accountant I will fuckin’ kill it.—Matthew Love

Town Hall ( Nov 6; $30, $39.50.

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