BK performance artists to live in this big hamster wheel for ten days

A live performance piece, opening tomorrow at Williamsburg’s Pierogi gallery, will feature a pair of artists spending 24 hours a day inside a 25-foot wheel

An in-progress view of In Orbit

An in-progress view of In Orbit Photograph courtesy Ward Shelley, Alex Schweder and The Boiler / Pierogi

Think you live in cramped quarters? Two Brooklyn-based perfromance artists will bring the whole "small living space in NYC" trope to new heights with In Orbit, opening tomorrow in the Boiler space of Williamsburg's Pierogi gallery. The photo above depicts Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder's home for ten days: a 25-foot-tall hamster-wheel–like structure made out of wood, steel and furniture. To access said furniture as well as other daily necessities—bathroom, fridge, etc.—the pair must carefully coordinate their movements and steps so as to rotate the disc.

Schweder has a degree in architecture from Pratt, and the two artists, who are partners, have created several pieces that explore the social effects of constructed spaces using architecture and performance art. "It’s about this kind-of interdependent and cooperation of two people to make a fairly extreme environment livable," said Shelley in an interview with Brooklyn Paper.

The installation opens tomorrow with a reception from 7 through 10pm. Shelley and Schweder will live in the piece 24 hours a day for the first ten days, February 28 through March 9; after that, the structure alone will remain on view through April 5.

Photograph courtesy Ward Shelley, Alex Schweder and The Boiler / Pierogi

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