Five things we learned at...Adam Carolla's New York Comedy Festival show

The Adam Carolla Show podcast host and comic uses pictures, videos and stereotypes to gripe his way through an hour of comedy.

Carolla likes to complain. A lot.In fact, there was an entire segment he called “Shit That Pisses Me Off,” in which he showed off his cranky-old-man skills for a good hour, touching on everything from hotel key cards to traffic signs.Annoyed by the number of service dogs he'd been noticing, Carolla found out you can bring one on a plane to help with anxiety—of course, no one on a plane has ever had to deal with that without a dog at their side.

Stand-up can take more than one form.His stand-up—if you can call it that—was more of a one-sided conversation with the audience in which he told funny stories and made some amusing observations with the help of photographs projected behind him. His unique method even included some prepared videos.

Jimmy Kimmel is an evil genius. Kimmel once convinced Carolla that one of the Dixie Chicks not only had the hots for him, but was disturbingly obsessed with him, to the point where Carolla called her to tell her to knock it off. She, of course, had no idea what he was talking about.…

The easily offended wouldn't have enjoyed themselves.
Carolla has a reputation for an abrasive sense of humor, and he didn’t disappoint.When he made his first million, his grandfather told him money never made anyone happy—something Carolla called "Jew-jitsu." Carolla had something to say about everyone, even Hawaiians. We didn't know there were stereotypes about Hawaiians.

Carolla has a big heart.Instead of saving a big joke for the end of the show—so he could walk off on a laugh—he pretty much switched to motivational-speaker mode. He told the audience they shouldn’t let anyone tell them that they can’t do something, and that they should just keep their heads down and move forward when times are tough.Though it may sound corny, it was genuine and touching.