Five things we learned at...Bill Maher's New York Comedy Festival show

Even Maher's one Republican fan came out to hear the comic dish on Obama, Romney and the outcome of the election.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher

The usher knows all...and can give you a brief history of the Beacon Theatre in the time it takes to seat you. Befriend him; it will come in handy if you're ever on a game show.

Bill Maher has one Republican fan. No one is more surprised about this than Maher himself, who called the guy a moron and repeatedly asked him why he had bought a ticket.

Even the pros need visual cues. Mitt Romney had a binder full of women. Bill Maher had a binder full of jokes—almost 90 minutes' worth of material covering recent political events. The only noncurrent content was a couple of Sarah Palin quips, including how unfair it is that her son Trig (who has Down syndrome) is considered the retarded one.

Maher thinks that once in a while Obama should just get angry. He hopes in his second term the President will be "more black," and maybe even grow his hair out a little in order to scare the Republican establishment a bit.

Even so, he'll take Obama over Romney any day of the week.
Because unlike the Dos Equis mascot, Maher said, Romney is the least interesting man in the world. When Ambien can't sleep, it takes him.