Blogologues' tweet of the week: A-Rod's theme song (video)

Watch Internet-inspired comedy troupe Blogologues perform choice tweets using Vine. This week: the next chart-topper, Auto-Tuned boos.

You think your week was bad? Be thankful you're not A-Rod. Poor guy. All those accusations. And honestly, how many of us can say, hand on heart, that we haven't done a bit of doping? You should see the 'roid rage in the Time Out office. Frankly, it's terrifying—but it's responsible for the fine publication you're reading.

Of course, the Twitterati piled on old Rodders, the monsters. Case in point, SNL Weekend Update writer Peter Schultz, who tweeted the below. And then those scamps at comedy troupe Blogologues Auto-Tuned it. Quite catchy though.

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Click the mute button in the top left of the Vine video to hear the sound.

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