Blogologues’ tweet of the week: There's always money in the banana stand (video)

Watch Internet-inspired comedy troupe Blogologues perform choice New York tweets using Vine. This week, it's all about Arrested Development's banana stand.

Comedy troupe Blogologues (who takes material from sites like Reddit, Craigslist, Tumblr and Twitter, and performs it verbatim) has been scouring the Internet for the last couple of weeks for us, turning our favorite tweets about New York into Vine videos.

Normally, there are a number of things to pick from, but frankly one thing grabbed our—and your—attention this week: the Arrested Development Bluth banana stand and its exact whereabouts. It started in London, then it came to Rockefeller Center, then Columbus Circle, then Yankee Stadium, then finally Times Square. You're never going to build a loyal customer base with that kind of hopping around. We hope the tweeter below had a happier ending than the Blogologues banana.

Tickets are now on sale for Blogologues' next live performance, Blogologues: The Internet Performed (Greatest Hits!) at the Peoples Improv Theater (June 1, 8 at 9:30pm; $15, advance $10). Buy tickets at

Click the mute button in the top left of the Vine video to hear the sound.