BookCourt to pair booze and books at an in-store bar

The beloved Cobble Hill lit hub hopes to add a bar and backyard to its Court Street space by next year.

There are a few booksellers in NYC where you can browse the stacks, then settle in for a couple of hours with a beer or a glass of wine—Housing Works Bookstore Cafe and Molasses Books are two that come to mind—and soon, BookCourt will join those ranks.

DNAinfo reported today that the Cobble Hill bookseller plans to expand its Court Street shop, adding a small bar (set to open by January)—to be staffed by a "bartender-bookseller," which sounds like the coolest job ever—as well as a 1,000-square-foot garden (which they hope to complete by next spring or summer).

We already loved BookCourt—its programming is top-notch, the selection of books is diverse, and its staffers are always friendly and helpful—so this addition will just make shopping there even better. (Now all it needs is a bookstore cat, à la the Community Bookstore's Tiny the Usurper.)