Brutally cold weather is headed for New York tonight

Thanks to the polar vortex that's currently blanketing the Midwest in arctic temps, a major cold snap will happen tonight and continue into Tuesday

Screengrab via NOAA

As we're sure you know by now, it's going to be brutally cold over the next few days. How brutal? Well, according to the National Weather Service, today's anticipated high temperature for New York City is 54 degrees, but it's expected to get much colder by nightfall, with an anticipated low temperature of 8 degrees. Tomorrow won't be any better: The expected high is around 11 degrees, with windchills expected to bring that down to about minus-15 degrees. That's unpleasant!

So how will this affect you? Aside from the obvious—going outside will require lots of cold-weather gear and a steely disposition—there are a couple things to keep in mind. The MTA had scheduled Fastrack service on the G line this week, but the first two nights of work—today and tomorrow—have been suspended, and service will run as normal. Otherwise, take the same precautions outlined by Mayor de Blasio before last week's snowstorm: Stay indoors, bundle up and check on your neighbors. You can also call 311 if you see a person who needs help. (Thankfully, De Blasio has made it somewhat easier for homeless citizens to get help in severe weather by loosening restrictions for families and single people at shelters.)

And hey, it could be worse: In the Midwest, low temps are expected to be beyond frigid, with parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Illinois reaching minus-30 degrees and below. That's cold enough to turn boiling water into snow almost immediately. (No, seriously—check out the video below, in which meteorologist Eric Holthaus does just that in minus-21-degree cold in Viroqua, Wisconsin. It's crazy.)

Stay safe (and warm), and remember: Netflix and soup are your friends during these cold snaps.

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