Calling all partyers: Find your next shindig on Speakeasy

Want in on the next sub-rosa throwdown? Check out the Internet’s latest social hub.


Speakeasy Photograph: Courtesy Speakeasy

If you’ve ever found yourself at loose ends and with energy to burn on a Saturday night, recently launched event-sharing website Speakeasy might be your new best friend.

Here’s how it works: Aspiring and established impresarios post info about their semiprivate loft shindigs, house parties, food events, after-hours wingdings and so forth. After you’ve created a profile detailing why you are a cool and trustworthy reveler, you can locate parties on an NYC map, with the option to narrow down your search by date, exclusivity and price range. Depending on the host’s preferences, you’ll either be able to reserve a spot right then for you and your guest(s) or “knock” to be vetted for access. Should you have the desire and square footage, you can also post events yourself.

Speakeasy is still brand new, but there are already a healthy amount of happenings on offer for this coming post–Valentine’s Day weekend. Cofounders Kevin Bracken (of International Pillow Fight Day) and Dustin Hoffman (no, not that one) have launched the site in New York, Toronto and San Francisco so far, with plans to expand to other cities. Imagine if Parker Posey’s character in Party Girl had access to this site in the ’90s; she never would’ve quit dancing long enough to become a librarian.