Check out’s rat-portal map (if you dare)

Search this interactive tool to pull up rodent data from the last few years and find out where the rats are

Midtown looks surprisingly rat-free

Midtown looks surprisingly rat-free Still via Rat Information Portal (RIP)

Ireland and the United Kingdom may have a ship loaded with cannibal rats to fear, but we have our own rodent problems to deal with closer to home. Find out just how close to home with's newly released Rat Information Portal (that's RIP, of course), an ick-inducing map that tracks the whereabouts of the wily creatures based on city inspection data.

Search the interactive tool by borough, address, block number and zip code, and find out how many rat violations the Department of Health has recorded since 2009. You can also see actions taken against infestations and the results, but rat sightings are not collated on this map (only active signs of and conditions conducive to the rodents). Areas in yellow have passed inspection, meaning you can pass through them safely.… But you'll want to stay away from the areas in red. So go ahead and satisfy your morbid curiosity—you know you want to know whether your place is a rat hot spot.

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