Check this out: WNYC is mapping NYC’s dogs

From names to breeds, WNYC drops knowledge on the city’s canine contingent.

Photograph: Courtesy the ASPCA

Everyone knows that the only thing as awesome as topic-specific maps is adorable animals. WNYC has combined the two in a nifty interactive piece (see below) on the names and breeds of the pooch population of Gotham, culled from data on the city’s 100,000-odd licensed dogs. Mutts win the day, of course; and the most common name? Max for boys, Bella for girls.

Purebreds tend toward the bitty; all five boroughs are lousy with Yorkies, shih tzus and Chihuahuas. (That's not surprising, given the size of an average apartment.) WNYC also lists the most popular names related to movies (Rocky), mythology (Zeus), food items (Oreo), animals (Bear) and other hilarious categories. We’re a little worried about the 14 dogs out there running around with the moniker Kitty. That’s gotta be existentially confusing, no?

According to the Health Department, only about one in five dogs is licensed, so this is by no means a comprehensive cross section. (We’re assuming that all of the unregistered dogs are Norwegian Lundehunds named, like, Stanislav.)