City creatures

You come across some weird animals living in New York-and the nonhumans are interesting too.

  • Beastly does it: New York gets wilder than your last Saturday night. Meet the city’s animal kingdom—they’re itching (and scratching, and biting) to meet you.
  • Pest side story: The truth about the disgusting, horrifying and just plain gross beasties you endure as a bugged-out New Yorker.
  • Life a' vermin: All New Yorkers have a few ghastly brushes with pests. Read the harrowing tales from our staff and share your own.
  • Varmint district: They’re the New Yorkers you love to hate, but have you really ever spent any time getting to know them? A day-in-the-life look at the city’s signature critters.
  • New York critters—facts and figures: All you need to know about pet laws, zoo toys, taxidermy and (of course) the gay penguins.
  • PETA's most wanted: The animal-rights watchdog is always on the warpath against someone. Which New Yorkers are in its crosshairs?
  • Mad about zoo: Fire up your animal passion and let our guide help you decide which local menageries pass muster.
  • Hooking up: Manhattan is an island, remember? Here are snapshots from five of the city’s best fishing holes. Catch ’em if you can.
  • Master baiting: The 411 for reeling in a good catch.
  • Neigh sayers: NYC has 220 carriage-dragging horses, most about ten years old, and many of which hail from Amish country. Three shared their thoughts, with the help of a pet psychic.

Also in this issue:

  • Cutest pet in NYC: Enter your precious pooch, kitty or milk snake in our special competition. Your votes will determine the winner.
  • Meet TONY's pets: Our on-staff pet owners have a keen eye for the adorable—as this photo album proves.

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