City stories: Alessandra Peters, 24, in Bushwick, Brooklyn

A sidewalk interview with a New Yorker: "The models in my sketch class started dancing around naked."

Photograph: Jorge Quinteros

Where ya headed?
To my studio! I finally had the guts to become an artist when I was 21 and went to Pratt.

Wackiest art-school moment: Go!
One time, the models in my sketch class started going crazy and dancing around naked. One guy put on a blue tutu, then took it back off.

Whoa! Where’s home?
I’m in Bed-Stuy now, but my first apartment was in Hasidic housing over on Myrtle and Bedford. It was so nice—and there were these two separate sinks, which I think they used to keep kosher. But then I couldn’t afford it anymore.

So it wasn't because they realized you didn’t actually need the two sinks?
[Laughs] No, there were actually a lot of gentiles there. Is that the word for it?

Anything you miss about 
the neighborhood?
Yeah, Johnny’s on the 
corner had the best bacon-and-pepperoni slice!