City stories: Alison Schuettinger, 26; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A sidewalk interview with a 26-year-old New Yorker: “I’m just coming from Greenpoint, trying to save the environment”

What are you up to?
I’m sorry you caught me with what I’m wearing! I’m just coming from Greenpoint, trying to save the environment. 

Ooh, really?
I work with an organization called We Are Cella that organizes students, experts and community members to benefit the environment. I’ll do whatever it takes to help protect our earth. 

Something tells me you’re not from here.
No, I’m from Texas. 

What surprised you about  New York?
There’s a misconception that the city is unfriendly, but you constantly witness spontaneous interactions between strangers: a man in a suit stopping to play chess in Union Square, a crowd watching street performers in the subway.… That’s what makes this New York City.

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