City stories: Julie Koong, 25, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A sidewalk interview with a New Yorker: "I want to help middle-aged women be confident again"

Photograph: Jorge Quinteros

Where do you work?
I'm at an ad agency now, but I just graduated from Creative Circus.

Ooh, tell me more!
[Laughs] It’s graphic-design school, but people always ask me if I’m learning to be a clown.

What’s the most interesting thing in your portfolio?
I "packaged" a line of lingerie, and it's definitely weird that I'm showing all this sexy lingerie in my portfolio. It's not the kind of thing you usually see; my teacher told me she’s never had a student market a bra.

What made you decide to do that?
I was inspired by the women of ancient China. They had to be prim and proper on the outside, but wore extravagant undergarments to decorate themselves. I want to help middle-aged women be confident again.

Is that your own dirty little secret, too?
Yeah, for certain occasions. I definitely don’t wear granny panties to go out.

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