Coed naked yoga classes debut in Chelsea in January

Women-only, mixed and senior yoga classes have been added to Bold & Naked’s previously all-male offerings

Yoga practice

Yoga practice

There's now a class for all the ladies feeling left out of the exclusively male naked yoga happening in New York. Bold & Naked—a vinyasa studio in Chelsea that recently changed its name from Le Male Yoga—has offered clothed and nude yoga for men for three years, and its schedule will expand in January to include clothes-free women-only, coed and senior classes (the latter sessions are only for men over age 55). However, if yoga in the buff sounds sexy to you, then you've got the wrong idea. "When you get rid of the clothes, you get rid of the labels—and that's a beautiful thing," Bold & Naked owner Joschi Schwarz told DNAinfo. The focus is on sensuality, community and self-confidence.

We turned to TONY's resident yoga expert (and senior associate digital content editor) Sophie Harris for her take on practicing yoga sans Lululemon leggings or anything at all; here's what she had to say: "There are so many different types of what I call novelty yoga available these days—NYC isn't just a yoga mecca, it's a novelty-yoga mecca too. Some of these offshoot styles are a million miles away from what yoga essentially means, but others really run with the sense of joy and playfulness from the practice. I'm actually more concerned by the idea of 'power yoga' than I am by say, laughter yoga or naked yoga, which both have a sense of humor, and don't try and turn yoga into just a fitness practice in and of itself."

What do you think, readers—would you do yoga in the nude, or do you prefer to keep your clothes on while practicing?

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