Compare subway systems around the world (video)

Hop on the train in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mexico City and more with our roundup of global transit clips.

The Mexico City metro

The Mexico City metro Photograph: Victor Santacruz Moreno

This week we compared global subways systems in our Subway Secrets issue (spoiler: NYC's is the best). Number-crunching out of the way, we invite you to hop a train around the world: Thanks to the kindness of the international Time Out editors, here is video from six utterly different transit systems, from Tokyo's tsukin jigoku ("commuting hell") to "the train that no one rides" in Los Angeles—yet whose four light rail lines form the second-busiest light-rail system in the country. Enjoy the ride.

Tokyo subway

Paris métro

Mexico City metro

Chicago el

Los Angeles Metro Rail

London tube

Thanks to: Sonya Barber (Time Out London), Emmanuel Chirache (Time Out Paris), Brent DiCrescenzo and Martha Williams (Time Out Chicago), Pamela Escamilla and Victor Moreno (Time Out Mexico City), Sara Fay and Michael Juliano (Time Out Los Angeles), and Atsushi Tonosaki (Time Out Tokyo).

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