Cool map: See the renter vs. homeowner division in NYC

In a metropolis of renters, find out where New York City’s few homeowners reside with this fascinating data tool

Still via Census Explorer

With the rising real estate prices in most parts of the city, it's no surprise that most New Yorkers choose to rent—an overwhelming 67.4 percent, to be exact. Using the American Community Survey's massive trove of newly released data, the Census Bureau created Census Explorer, a very cool mapping tool that puts those stats (and other metrics, like the rate of folks with a high school degree in any given neighborhood) into an easy-to-understand visual.

The fancy tool depicts the amount of housing that's owner-occupied vs. rented, and taking a closer look at NYC revealed some interesting patterns. The meager homeownership rates rise in Manhattan on the Upper East Side and the NYU/Union Square area; in Brooklyn in parts of Coney Island, and near the Manhattan Bridge and JFK Airport; in eastern Queens and parts of the Rockaways; and Riverdale in the Bronx. Otherwise, you're looking at a universe of renters battling it out with the slimy brokers of Craigslist.

(h/t Atlantic Cities)

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