Cool things to do on NYC rooftops when the sun comes out this weekend

Close your eyes, ignore the weather and think of cocktails, art shows and movies at NYC’s best rooftop venues

Beth Levendis

Everyone, keep it together. Yes, it’s diabolical out there today—New York has moved from medieval winter to monsoon spring in one dastardly stroke. But the sun is in sight! Just check your smartphone weather app now if you don’t believe us. See? Temperatures in the mid-60s and actual sunshine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Boom! What does that mean to you, dear beleaguered New Yorker? It means that at long last, you can get your ass up on a rooftop and do something delicious and outdoorsy this weekend.

Like what? Well, like day-drinking and night-drinking, for one (or two). We recommend you check out our comprehensive list of the best rooftop bars in NYC and take your pick from Gotham’s finest elevated booze outposts.

And if your tastes move beyond simply sipping something wet and alcoholic, go straight to our guide to cool things to do on NYC rooftops. Our favorites include catching a movie via Rooftop Films, taking a way-up-high yoga class, having tea at Bloomingdale's and gawking at the Met Museum’s gorgeous new rooftop installation. Feel better now? It’s going to be okay, New York.

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