Defiant Citi Bike riders brave the elements this hellish winter

With freezing temperatures and unbearable windchills, the number of blue-bike riders may be temporarily decreasing—but not disappearing

Citi Bike docking station in Dumbo

Citi Bike docking station in Dumbo Photograph: Amy Plitt

Remember how 6,669 New Yorkers took Citi Bike trips on the coldest January 7 in over a century? (Obligatory #polarvortex here.) Well, that trend hasn’t quite faded. From the start of the New Year until now, Bloomberg's bike-share program has averaged about 9,600 riders per day. Most of these riders are regulars (read: those with annual memberships) with supernatural abilities to withstand slippery roads and the burninglike sensations from wind in their face, we've concluded.   

Although daily rides aren’t in the 40,000s like they were during the warmer months, Citi Bike has tried to encourage folks to keep riding as temperatures drop with enlightening blog posts advising them to "embrace the cold." These include such groundbreaking "pro tips," like layering up and wearing gloves. Still, you've got to hand it to the dedicated, determined riders who keep pedaling—how could you not admire someone who cycles around the city in single-digit temperatures?

(h/t The New York Times)

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